Sunline Troutist DARKNESS, JDM Line

Sunline Troutist DARKNESS, JDM Line

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Sunline Troutist Darkness is made of a monofilament with a higher molecular weight than other high-strength nylon lines. High in both tensile and knot strength, with superior durability, manageability, and straightness.

 Designed as a light line for large trout.

  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Low memory and stretch
  • Longer life
  • Uniform line diameter
  • Camouflage color blends into any environment
  • Made in Japan

150m spool marked at the 75m point to allow you to adjust the amount you load on your reel.

 High Molecular Weight Nylon is a newly developed nylon with even higher molecular weight than our conventional ultra-strength nylon. Very low memory with increased knot strength. High-performance nylon line that's exceptionally durable, very manageable, with low memory.

 A spooling system that minimizes curling and surface indentation. Feel the difference as the line comes off the spool nice and straight and very smooth.

 The UV-Resistant process provides maximum protection against UV damage for vulnerable nylon lines.

 Sunline's unique dyeing technology – vividness, visibility, and softness in one.

 Double Resin Processing provides enhanced performance with double layer processing In "Double Resin Processing," a double coat of various high-performance resins results in a highly competent line.