Sunline Assassin FC, Fluorocarbon

Sunline Assassin FC, Fluorocarbon

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A new 100% fluorocarbon line featuring Sunline's patented P-Ion Technology. Assassin is the first product launched in the US featuring Pion Technology. P-Ion processing improves the slickness, abrasion resistance, and longevity of your line by chemically altering the line's surface to allow resin processing to bond at a molecular level. This processing increases line performance and allows the line to retain key characteristics longer.  

  • 100% fluorocarbon
  • Moisture-proof, slick, and resistant to shock and wear
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Low memory
  • Longer life
  • Uniform line diameter
  • Made in Japan

Available in Natural Clear

225 yards per spool

 Maximum protection against UV damage for vulnerable nylon lines.

 Plasma Ion Technology. Jointly developed by Sunline and Plasma Concept Tokyo (a Tokyo Institute of Technology venture). Technology to modify the line surface at will to produce the perfect fishing line for any target or situation.

 Retains its strength and suppleness even when knotted "Triple Resin Processing" is a unique process that fills in the spaces between the molecules with resin. As a result, the line is moisture-proof, very slick, and resistant to shock and wear.

 A spooling system that minimizes curling and surface indentation. Feel the difference as the line comes off the spool nice and straight and very smooth.

 Tension-free spooling maximizes the qualities of the line. Because no stress is placed on the line as it is spooled, the line comes off ready to deliver superior stretch performance.