Dave's Tangle Free Weights
Dave's Tangle Free Weights

Dave's Tangle Free Weights

Dave's Tangle Free
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These fishing weights are safe, strong, effective and lead free. With a secure but highly angle-able Rosco swivel design, you have greater ability to pull the weight out of key areas. 

The coating is designed to be quiet, non-obtrusive and get down fast. These weights can "hunt" while continuously performing keeping you in  the strike zone, or get you to the bottom and keep you there.

The coating is safer around your other fishing gear, like graphite rods, boat wraps/paint and leaders.

1/4 oz. 3-Pack, Black
1/3 oz. 3-Pack, Black
1/2 oz. 3-Pack, Black
2/3 oz. 2-Pack, Black
3/4 oz. 2-Pack, Black