SHIZUKU Micro Tanago Rod

SHIZUKU Micro Tanago Rod

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I'm so honored to be able to carry SHIZUKU rods here in the USA. SHIZUKU rods are custom designed of high modulus graphite after the original Ito era rods and are extremely high quality and very limited. As of right now these are sold out in Japan.

SHIZUKU rods are made in small batches using the traditional mouth roll and hand winding. If you follow any of the Japanese tanago sites, you will quickly see that there is quite a cult following for these amazing little rods. These rods can be fished at 75cm or 55cm. 

Total Length: 75cm, 55cm
Section Length: 15cm
Rod Bag is Included
self-weight: 4g

These are limited and very delicate, certainly not a gimmick but a high-quality dedicated tool to catch the smallest of fish. 

I can’t warranty these so please be careful where larger fish are located and use dedicated light line or tippet.