Big Sexy Baits

Big Sexy Baits, based in Lake Stevens, Washington, is a prominent manufacturer of soft plastic baits in the Pacific Northwest. Owner Chad Cheney has not only been an exceptional friend but also a mentor and source of motivation for many. His dedication to crafting high-quality baits sets a standard that every bait maker should aspire to achieve.

With his background in engineering, Chad has a knack for designing some of the most exceptional baits in the industry. For bass fishermen, having BSB in their arsenal is a must. If you haven't already, I highly recommend visiting to explore and order some of their top-notch products.

Since the introduction of soft plastic baits in the 1950s, the bass fishing industry has seen a remarkable transformation. Today, they're considered a necessity, with numerous companies offering a wide array of options. What sets Big Sexy Baits apart is Chad's focus on rigging techniques as the foundation of his designs. Rather than solely focusing on aesthetics, Chad believes baits should be tailored to fishing styles, with an emphasis on quality. This philosophy is evident in the "Sexy" factor of BSB's offerings.

I encourage you to visit Big Sexy Baits and discover the excellence they bring to the world of soft plastic baits.