The awesome gear from Big Sexy Baits

Big Sexy Baits is a Pacific Northwest soft plastic baits manufacturer out of Lake Stevens, Washington. The owner Chad Cheney has become an amazing friend, mentor, and motivation. Chad makes some incredibly high-quality baits that every bait maker should strive to achieve.

Chad’s engineering background enables him to design some of the most outstanding baits in the industry. If you’re a bass fisherman and you don’t have any BSB in your arsenal please take a second, head over to and order some up. 

When soft plastic baits came out in the 1950s, as a hard rubber worm the bass fishing industry changed. Fast forward to today and it has become a necessity. With hundreds of soft plastic bait companies, anglers have a multitude of choices out there. Big Sexy Baits kept this in mind when Owner, Chad Cheney decided to focus on rigging techniques as a basis of his designs. He thought that baits should be designed for fishing styles, not by just what looks cool. By adding quality to the equation, you can see how BSB arrived with the “Sexy” factor.

Please go and check out Big Sexy Baits!