Dave's Tangle Free Weights

Dave Harding, the founder of Dave's Tangle Free, grew up and lives in Portland, Oregon. He founded Dave's Tangle Free in 2012 after becoming a father. His passion for fishing, determination for developing a fishing weight that his son could safely handle AND the determination to solve the frustration of constantly losing weights to tangles and snags were combined after many months of tinkering and research. 

Dave's Tangle Free is an Oregon-based manufacturer of high-performance, lead-free fishing weights. Dave's steel fishing weights are not only safer for people and wildlife, but they snag and tangle up less! So you'll spend more time with your line in the water and less time fixing broken and tangled lines. Plus, Dave's weights work surprisingly well for a large array of applications.

I have personally used Dave's Tangle Free weights for salmon, steelhead, kokanee, shad, surf perch, and jetty fishing. These weights will always have a home in my tackle bag.

Check out Dave's Tangle Free weights here in the shop or check out their website at www.davestanglefree.com

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