Columbia River Tackle

I was looking for a jig manufacturer for a good long while before I found Keith with Columbia River Tackle. The crazy thing is I found him before I even knew it. I was at a store in Anchorage, Alaska shopping for some gear to fish in Whittier, Alaska. I looked through their amazing selection of gear and picked up a few packs of Columbia River Tackle jig heads. I fished them and loved them. 

Fast forward to earlier this year and I'm going through my Alaska gear and I find the jigs I had bought. I went to Instagram and found the feed of @columbiarivertackle and instantly fall in love with all of the amazing gear. I reach out to Keith and ask him if we can work together and not only do I find a fantastic business but a totally amazing small business owner that has a very similar vision to me.

Columbia River Tackle uses high-quality VMC hooks and makes everything from shad darts, twitching jigs, and even 24oz. halibut jigs. If you're fishing in Alaska on a charter there's a good chance you'll be running Columba River Tackle and if you look through my gear on the river you'll absolutely find Columbia River Tackle. Take a minute and check out Keith's amazing feed @columbiarivertackle on Instagram for totally motivating pictures. If you want to grab some of his gear you can hit up the shop here or reach out to him directly, you won't find a nicer guy or a better quality product.

Thank you for reading and have the best day ever!