Black Sheep Bead Project

Since I started Never Quit Fishing, the growth and support from both friends and customers have far exceeded my wildest dreams. It has been an incredibly enjoyable adventure, and I've cherished every moment of it. However, as this journey has progressed, I found it necessary to reevaluate my goals and products. I took on more projects and designs, overwhelming myself to the point where I couldn't keep up with demand.

My primary focus remains on soft beads, as you'll see on my website. I'm committed to limiting the NQ colors to ensure I can maintain stock both on my website and in the stores I collaborate with. Nonetheless, I still love experimenting with new colors and ideas. That's why I've established the BSBP as my creative outlet, where I'll release extremely limited quantities and colors. Once a color sells out, it's gone. While I might revisit popular colors in the future, it's not currently part of my plan. My main goal is simply to have fun, and the BSBP will serve as my outlet for creativity.

Sizes will be limited, and all colors will be listed by their "vintage" date, signifying their incredibly short production runs.

Thank you all for your unwavering support, and I hope you have a truly amazing day!



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