Beau Mac Tackle

One thing that has been interesting about starting up this business and going on this adventure is finding companies that will work with a new business owner, especially one that's based strictly web-based. I totally understand and respect the desire for companies to protect their brick and mortar retailers. We should all shop local businesses for our gear and small fishing shops are the heart and soul of the fishing community.

That said it has been discouraging at times as I get told "no" a lot when I ask companies to work with me. That's all well and good because I'm on this adventure to go places and I'll take along those that I can. One company that believed in me right from the beginning was Beau Mac. Chad with Beau Mac has been an absolutely fantastic supporter and always quick to provide me with information and products.

For over 25 years BeauMac has been helping Pacific Northwest anglers make the most out of each fishing trip. From their super buoyant Cheaters™ to their famous Pro-Glow Egg Cures™, they have the tools that make hauling in those lunkers easy! 

I'm proud to carry a growing assortment of Beau Mac floats ready to run any river you can find. I look forward to working with Beau Mac for years to come and also a few NQ specific items. Stay tuned. 

Thank you for reading and have an amazing day.